Artistic statement

I paint because I want to change the established form,  I hate rules, I hate the usual and adopted order, false morality, suppression individuality !

I’m painting because I want to change the stream !

I’m painting because life is not birth, growth, and death !

To live is to accomplish purpose in this world!

Painting is my purpose !

I’m painting because I love it ! To love your own purpose means to love yourself. I’m painting because I am an egoistic being. I’m painting because I can not escape from the forms of nature of selfishness. Love to your own purpose is the most sincere love. I’m painting because I hate the existence because of existence. People like to exist because of exististence. Exist and not live has no purpose. Every picture is part of me. It contains my thoughts, my feelings, my desires. All my life and thoughts are assembled in each picture. Pictures over time become richer with each new experience in life. Every picture is my conscious and unconscious „I“. With a picture I express myself at all. The picture entirely says more than words. The words hide thamselves. Yust like every man is  special and unique, every picture that the artist creates is also special and unique. Picture is a state of mind the artist himself at the time of creation. She’s a trace and a seal.

I’m painting what I see, what I feel and I simpatize with others. I paint illness, accidents, wars, suffering, cruel reality without beautification, life on the Earth as I see it. Life is a constant struggle. I use dark tones because the life is something far away from light. Real happiness does not exist in life on earth in this body. We are souls trapped in our bodies. The body restricts us. Real happiness can only be felt when the soul fulfills its task in the body on the ground and leaves it. Only after separation from the body does the soul become free and omnipotent. I’m painting the struggle of the soul with the body that belongs to it and with other people as well. My characters in the pictures are stronger than themselves, they fight, but whatever the hardships they pass, they rise above the pain of the body above the suffering they have faced in their lives.

I’m painting an egoistich world. Egoism is an integral part of the nature of all living beings, it is in everithing and nobody can escape from that,  an integral part of fighting for survival. People cry when someone close to them depart from this physical world and celebrate when come to it. This is one of the things that points on the egoist human nature. No one in this world will say that they are completely happy. However, people are happy when somebody is born, and turn head away from death- because she is a something stranger,the entrance to something new. People celebrate the new slavery of the soul and mourn about the person who has left their physical body. They mourn because this departure of a dear person from their physical body leaves void, there is no more physically present person whom they talked to, lived, with who was there to fill their time and needs, wham they loved because of their needs. That’s nature of selfishness and love. We love because the object of love is useful.

I paint because painting is freedom and purpose.